Artisans in development of natural and rough stone

The profession of "Piquer or Tosquero" was one of the professions most traditional Valencian lands as evidenced by many monuments, civil buildings, monasteries and churches. This work, as old as history and linked to sculpture, includes various routines to follow as roughing and prepared the piece to facilitate subsequent operations, the reason for the drawing or shape to be carved upon it in relief of emptying it and finish.

In TOSCALIA we specialize artisans in developing the natural stone and rough stone to perform jobs such as arches, balustrades, fireplaces, columns and pillars, fountains, moldings and cornices, pools, Dressings, coatings and others. We apply to any project or idea you may have our client, completely customized and tailored . We also have a wide range of standard products from tiling to all kinds of garden accessories, home, etc.

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